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What to do

  • For the first 48 hours, use Vaniply ointment (or CeraVe healing ointment), 3-4 times a day. After 48 hours, you can apply your normal moisturizer twice a day to your face.

  • Apply sun protection of SPF 45 or higher after the procedure, especially when outdoors

  • Use a gentle facial cleanser such as Vanicream, CeraVe or Cetaphil gentle cleanser

  • Use a gentle moisturizer such as Vanicream moisturizer or CeraVe PM lotion

What to expect after microneedling

  • You may experience mild discomfort and may use over-the-counter Tylenol if needed

  • You may experience peeling, dryness and flaking, but please do not pick or scratch the affected areas

  • Bruising may occur and over-the-counter Arnica gel can be applied twice daily to help bruising subside

What to avoid

  • No makeup for the first 12 hours post-treatment

  • Avoid products with alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, retinol (vitamin A)

  • Avoid sunlight for 24 hours after treatment

  • No exercise or strenuous activity for the first 24 hours after treatment (sweating and gym environments may cause adverse reactions)

  • No swimming pools, sauna, hot tubs or steam showers for 24-48 hours post-treatment

  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil

  • Avoid alcohol intake as it will dehydrate the skin

  • Avoid any scrubs or exfoliators for 1 week

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